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►Economics servay can actually be defined a couple of different ways: it’s the study of scarcity, the study of how people use resources, or the study of decision-making. Economics often involves topics like wealth, finance, recessions, and banking, resulting in the misunderstanding that economics is all about money and therefore the stock exchange. Here is a way broader discipline that helps us understand historical trends, interpret today’s headlines, and make predictions for coming decades.

India Economy Outlook offers in-depth analysis of micro and macro-economic developments in India to help businesses make smart, timely and accurate decisions. Information is presented in form of short and insightful essays written by CMIE’s thought leader/s. These are supported by a comprehensive collection of graphs and lucid data tabulations.

This CMIE offering deals with a wide range of topics – economic growth, employment, agriculture, inflation, banking, interest rates, monetary policy, fiscal balance, external sector balance, corporate sector, capital markets, capex, demographics, infrastructure, elections, crime, health, tourism, and more. The app also offers a comprehensive compilation of bite-sized updates on important eco-political developments through the day.

ધોરણ-2 ઘરે શીખીયે જુલાઇ-૨૦૨૧ અંક અહિંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો

India Economic Outlook is an extension of CMIE’s 40-year old renowned macro-economic analysis and data delivery service. It draws upon the copious data and analysis provided by our web-delivered service Economic Outlook. Economic Outlook provides direct access to 2.8 million data series compiled from a wide range of official data sources and CMIE’s proprietary databases. While analysing the current state of the economy, the service also peeps into the future and provides 5-year quantitative forecasts of macro-economic indicators.

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તા. ૦૩/૦૭/૨૦૨૧  ગુજરાતી વિડીયો 

તા. ૦૨/૦૭/૨૦૨૧  ગણિત વિડીયો 

તા. ૦૧/૦૭/૨૦૨૧  ગુજરાતી વિડીયો 

તા. ૩૦/૦૬/૨૦૨૧  ગણિત વિડીયો 

તા. ૨૯/૦૬/૨૦૨૧  ગુજરાતી વિડીયો 

તા. ૨૮/૦૬/૨૦૨૧  ગુજરાતી વિડીયો 

તા. ૨૬/૦૬/૨૦૨૧  ગુજરાતી વિડીયો 

તા. ૨૫/૦૬/૨૦૨૧  ગણિત વિડીયો 

તા. ૨૪/૦૬/૨૦૨૧  ગુજરાતી વિડીયો 

તા. ૨૩/૦૬/૨૦૨૧  ગણિત વિડીયો 

તા. ૨૨/૦૬/૨૦૨૧  ગુજરાતી વિડીયો 

તા. ૨૧/૦૬/૨૦૨૧  ગણિત વિડીયો 

તા. ૧૯/૦૬/૨૦૨૧  ગુજરાતી વિડીયો 

તા. ૧૮/૦૬/૨૦૨૧  ગણિત વિડીયો 

તા. ૧૭/૦૬/૨૦૨૧  ગુજરાતી વિડીયો 

તા. ૧૬/૦૬/૨૦૨૧  ગણિત વિડીયો 

તા. ૧૫/૦૬/૨૦૨૧  ગુજરાતી વિડીયો 

તા. ૧૪/૦૬/૨૦૨૧  ગણિત વિડીયો 

તા. ૧૨/૦૬/૨૦૨૧  ગુજરાતી વિડીયો 

તા. ૧૧/૦૬/૨૦૨૧  ગણિત વિડીયો 

►One of the central tenets of economics is that folks want certain things and can change their behavior to urge those things – in other words, people will answer incentives. 

►Economic servay study ranges from the very small to the very large. Economic Servay study of choices by individuals (like how someone decides to budget their paycheck each month) is named microeconomics. 

► The Economic servay study of governments, industries, central banking, and therefore the boom and bust of the trade cycle is named macroeconomics. 

► Much of economics involves using data gathered by governments, businesses, or within the laboratory to check hypotheses about whether a particular program, event, or incentive will have the expected effect. Another branch of economics focuses on using theory to form predictions about how people and markets will behave.

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► This App of Economics gives detailed information on Economic Development. This app contains all the essential to advanced concepts on Economics.

Few Topics covered during this App are Listed Below

⇢ what’s Economics?

⇢ the character of economics

⇢ The study of economics

⇢ The methods employed by economists

⇢ Economic exchange

⇢ Factors of production

⇢ sorts of production

⇢ The role of cash in exchange

⇢ The economic problem

⇢ Choice and cost 

⇢ Samuelson’s three questions

⇢ Production possibility frontiers

⇢ Interpreting PPFs

⇢ Pareto efficiency

⇢ Increasing cost 

⇢ Marginal analysis

⇢ Index numbers

⇢ Missing markets

⇢ Pure public goods

⇢ Incomplete markets

⇢ Quasi public goods

⇢ Turnpikes

⇢ Merit goods

⇢ the availability of merit goods

⇢ Merit goods and positive consumption externalities

⇢ Education as a merit good

⇢ Property rights

⇢ Economic exchange

⇢ Scarcity

⇢ Efficiency

⇢ Economic Systems

⇢ analysis 

⇢ Property Rights

⇢ Wellbeing and Welfare

⇢ Incentives

⇢ Inflation


⇢ economic process 

⇢ Exchange and Trade

⇢ Demand

⇢ Supply

⇢ Aggregate Supply

⇢ Aggregate Demand

⇢ Business Cycles

⇢ Employment and Unemployment

⇢ Insurance

⇢ Barriers to Trade

⇢ Balance of Trade and Balance of Payments

⇢ Money

⇢ Foreign Currency Markets and Exchange Rates

⇢ Financial Markets

⇢ Saving and Investing

⇢ Human Capital

⇢ Globalization, Interdependence, and native Trade

⇢ Productive Resources

⇢ Environmentalism

⇢ Productivity

⇢ Economic Development

⇢ Income Distribution

⇢ Profit

⇢ Income Inequality

⇢ economic policy 

⇢ Roles of state 

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⇢ Credit

⇢ Market Failures, Public Goods, and Externalities

⇢ Government Failures, Rent Seeking, and Public Choice

⇢ Government Budget Deficits and Government Debt

⇢ interest 

⇢ Entrepreneurs

⇢ Producers

⇢ Consumers

⇢ Technology

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