From October 1, a number of rules will be changed, including banking and driving.

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From October 1, a number of rules will be changed, including banking and driving.

From October 1, a number of rules will be changed, including banking and driving.

  • Money sent abroad will be taxed at 5%. 

  • Mobile can only be used to view the road map while driving.

Other rules, including banking and automobile , are set to vary from October 1. TCS (Tax Collected at Source) will now be deducted even if the money is sent abroad. 

In addition, from October 1, important documents associated with the vehicle, like licenses, registration documents, fitness certificates, permits, etc., are often maintained through a government-run web portal. 

From October 1, a number of rules will be changed, including banking and driving.

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If quite Rs 7 lakh is shipped abroad, TCS are going to be deducted

An important rule of income tax in the country has been changing since October 1. According to this, money will now be sent out of the country but TCS will be cut. 

Under Section 206C (1G) of the Income Tax Act, it has been decided to extend the scope of TCS and apply it to the Liberalized Remittance Scheme (LRS), meaning that the tax will now be levied on investments made abroad in addition to travel, education and other expenses. Read also: Digital scholar ship yojna

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Now 7% TCS are going to be deducted on remittances of Rs 7 lakh or more.

From October 1, a number of rules will be changed, including banking and driving.

Motor vehicle rules will change

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has informed that the principles of automobile are changed. 

vehicle related documents:  licence, registration documents, fitness certi, permits etc. 

can now be maintained on the government-run web portal from October 1. 

Now you can work only by showing a digital copy. 

Records and registrations of reported crimes, including suspension, compounding and license revocation, also will be available on this web portal.


Mobile are often wont to see the road while driving

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways said that from October 1, mobile or other handheld devices can be used while driving, but will only be used to view maps. In addition, care should be taken to not distract the driving force while driving with the assistance of mobile. However, a fine of Rs 1,000 to Rs 5,000 are often imposed for talking on a mobile while driving. Read also: I-khedut yojna

Buying a TV will be expensive

Buying a TV from October 1 also will be expensive. 

The government has decided to abolish the 5% customs duty on imports of open cell used in TV manufacturing. 

The government granted a one-year exemption for this, which can expire on September 30. 

This will increase the worth of a 32-inch TV by Rs 600 and a 42-inch TV by Rs 1,200 to Rs 1,500.


LPG can be cheaper

At the beginning of each month, government companies change the prices of LPG and natural gas. 

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Prices of 14.5 kg & 19 kg gas cylinders were reduced in Month of September. Read also: Pradhan mantri shram yogi maan dhan yojna 

It’s expected that LPG Rate may Be fall Down in October.

The Central Government has amended the Motor Vehicle Rules 1989. 

The government said vehicle-related documents, including driving licenses and e-memos, would be kept through a portal from October 1. 

Apart from this, a statement said that if the documents of the vehicle are proved to be correct electronically, there is no need to physically keep it with the document. Read also: Kihan samman yojna

According to sources, media reports have been published that from now on, officials will have all the information related to your license available and at the same time all the information will be kept in the portal that the government will create and this portal will also be updated from time to time. 

A statement from the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways said that the ministry has issued a notification regarding various amendments to the Motor Vehicle Rules 1989 which will better monitor the rules of the vehicle and maintain various documents and e-memos of the vehicle through the portal. 

The mobile usage rule has changed a lot since October 1. 

The rule has changed that mobile can now be used for navigation while driving but the mobile will have to be used in such a way as not to distract while driving, though from 1 thousand for talking on mobile while driving. 

There is a provision for a fine of up to Rs 5,000.

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