Graph and Map Most Useful For School

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An extensive yet lightweight math graphing calculator.

Graph and Map Most Useful For School

Grapher may be a fast and effective equation plotter, capable of drawing any function, solving equations and calculating expressions. Especially if you are a student, teacher or engineer, this app is formed with you in mind! a good range of predefined functions is out there , including trigonometric & hyperbolic functions, polar coordinates, differentiation and more. Anything you type are going to be processed and displayed instantly by a strong math engine, in both 2D and 3D modes. Furthermore, functions can reference one another by their name.

નિદાન કસોટી ટેલીકોન્ફરનસ ના આજના મુદ્દા

As I strive to form Grapher suit your needs, any feedback and bug-reports are greatly appreciated. This free version has most but not all features; please consider buying Grapher Pro to enjoy awesome extensions like parameter sliders and sophisticated plotting!


Curve types

• Function (e.g. parabola, sine wave)

• Polar (e.g. rose, spiral)

• Parametric (e.g. ellipse, Lissajous) on the xy-plane or rθ-plane

• Implicit equation (e.g. conic sections)

• Implicit inequality (e.g. half-plane)

• 3D function (e.g. paraboloid)

• 3D parametric curve (e.g. helix)

• 3D parametric surface (e.g. sphere, hyperboloid)

More features

• Equation solver (numerical)

• Find roots, extrema and intersections with other functions

• Functions can reference one another , e.g. g(x)=2*f(x+1)

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• Custom math keyboard

• Auto-detect input type

• User variable support for both numbers and functions

• Adjustable parameter range (for cartesian, polar & parametric curves)

• Input history

• Plot up to twenty-eight graphs directly 

• Differentiation (numerical)

• Trace graph

• Capture screenshots

Note: Mathematical functions should be typed by their names, for instance sqrt(x) means √x. Hold a key to ascertain all function names starting thereupon letter. If something is unclear, make certain to see out the ‘Help’ page as all details are summarized there.

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