Gujarat Two Wheeler Yojana 2023 : Go Green Scheme 2023

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Gujarat Two Wheeler Yojana 2023 : Implement Go Green Scheme

Gujarat Two Wheeler Yojana 2023 – The responsible authorities of the Gujarat Government have launched a new scheme that will provide an electric vehicle assistance for the purchase from E-Scooters E-Bike etc. Sector workers who are organized and not are eligible to benefit from the assistance of the Go Green scheme. They will be able to purchase electric vehicles. In this article, we’ll provide you with the most important details concerning the Gujarat Two Wheeler Yojana 2023 like the objective, eligibility criteria and benefits. We will also provide you with the steps to follow to apply for the scheme.

Gujarat Two Wheeler Yojana 2023

The respected chief minister of Gujarat State Bhupendra Patel is launching new plans on 25 October 2021. In this program, the state government will give subsidies for the purchase of electric bikes, scooters and scooters to promote the use of electric vehicles in the entire country. State. Additionally, the primary goal of launching this scheme Gujarat Two Wheeler Scheme is to eliminate pollution of the air so that the residents of the state can live an active and healthy life. Vehicles powered by electricity will be available for free to industrial and construction workers in the state.

the Chief Minister announced an initiative to offer the benefit of electric vehicles to earth-workers in the event that was held in the Mahatma Mandir.

The primary goal of Go-Green Yojana Go-Green Yojana is to reduce the price of gasoline and help save the environment by reducing vehicular pollution.

The mission will also assist to assist the Government of India in the success in the Green India Mission.


The particulars to the program are listed below:

  • Scheme Name :- Gujarat Two Wheeler Yojana 2023
  • Launched by:- Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel
  • Launched On:- 25 October 2021
  • Beneficiaries:- Employees of the state
  • Anchorage labor plans to purchase electric vehicles powered by batteries
  • Benefits:- Reduced pollution
  • Subsidy: 30% or less than Rs. 30,000/-
  • Helpline Number :- 155372
  • Mode of Application:- Online/Offline
  • Official Website :- Click Here
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Objective of Gujarat Two Wheeler Yojana 2023

We all know that the citizens in the state suffer from a variety of illnesses due to an excessive amount of pollution from vehicles that use fuel. This situation is a threat to the health of children and people in the state. To tackle the problem across the entire Gujarat state Governor Rajiv Gandhi, the chief minister of Gujarat has announced a new program known as Go Green Scheme. Go Green Scheme. In this scheme, subsidies will be given to workers in the private and public sector to encourage them to purchase electric vehicles. The principal goal behind introducing the scheme would be to motivate consumers to purchase electric vehicles, which will reduce the amount of pollution throughout the state.

By implementing this program, the amount of pollution in the state will be lessen and will result in positive effects on the lives of citizens.

They will also be able to live an active life by utilizing the Gujarat Two Wheeler Scheme

“Now, the citizens of the state do not have to cover the cost of paying for fuel costs of vehicles.

Gujarat two-wheeler scheme is launched

On the 25th of October, 2021 Gujarat Governor Rajendra Kumar introduced the Gujarat Two Wheeler Scheme in order that those who purchase 2 wheeler vehicles will be eligible for the subsidy that is provided after registering in this scheme. The subsidy will be provided to them only if they buy electric scooters, which will assist in reducing pollution of the air.

Subsidy facilities

The subsidy program that is offered on the purchase of electric scooters is only available to workers in the unorganized sector. 30% of the subsidy is available to applicants who purchase electric scooters through industrial employees. Workers who work in the construction field can avail 50% of the purchase of electric scooters.

Distribution of 2,000 EV

The government will offer subsidies or distribution to purchase electric two-wheelers for around 2000 construction workers as well as workers in organised sectors. These two-wheelers powered by electricity will last for up to 50 km on one charge. To do this, users must register through the portal using the required documents, and then select an electric vehicle.

Clean and Healthy Environments One of the primary goals of the scheme was to create a an environment that is pollution-free, where residents can breathe pure air free of pollutants in the air. This scheme will help employees to buy electric two-wheelers, and, in return, they will also receive the benefit of subsidies.

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Subsidy for Go Green Scheme/ Gujarat Two Wheeler Yojana 2023

The subsidies given to non-organized employees to buy electric vehicles is as follows:

Organizational industrial and sector workers will receive 30 percent of the price of the car under this scheme. Rupee. 30000 on the purchase of two battery-powered vehicles.

# In the Go Green scheme, construction sector workers will receive 50% of the subsidy or the equivalent of Rs. 30, 000 for the purchase batteries powered by vehicle.

The buyers of E-vehicles in both categories will receive a an one-time tax credit on RTO registration as well as road tax.

The first phase of the Gujarat Two Wheeler Yojana 2023

In the initial phase of the scheme the state government will offer battery-powered vehicles to approximately 1,000 construction workers as well as 2000 workers in the organized sector. Only vehicles made in India that are approved to be used by government officials will be to be eligible to be part of this scheme. Gujarat Two Wheeler Scheme. High-speed models can cover 50 kilometers on one charge, which is why these kinds models will also be available to people who qualify under this scheme. Anyone who is eligible to use this site to search for and reserve electric vehicles after uploading their required documents online.

Benefits of Gujarat Two Wheeler Scheme

The advantages of this scheme are The benefits of this scheme are as follows:

The benefits of this plan will be offered to the non-organized and organized workers in the State.

  • Through the scheme, people can purchase cars without worrying about financial obstacles.
  • “Go Green scheme will allow to increase the use of electric vehicles throughout the state, which will help reduce the amount of the pollution.
  • Electric vehicles will be available for a low-cost for industrial and construction workers in the state.
  • It was launched in the name of Chief Minister during the course of a ceremony held in the Mahatma Mandir to encourage people to purchase electric cars.
  • The principal goal behind the plan is to decrease the environmental pollution across the state.
  • This will also aid the government with their green agenda.
  • The unorganized and organized workers will be given a 30 percent from the overall cost for the automobile.
  • Total amount of Rs. 30000 will be given to recipients for the purchase of a batteries that are driven by the automobile.
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The government will introduce this scheme in several phases.

In the initial stage of the scheme the government will offer powered vehicles to 1000 construction workers as well as 2000 workers from the organized sector.

The interested applicants who wish to apply under this scheme must go to the official website that has been set up by the government to facilitate the successful implementation.

Features of Go Green Scheme/Gujarat Two Wheeler Yojana 2023

The main features in this system are the following:

  • On the 25th of October, 2021, the new scheme was announced by their respected chief minister Bhupendra Patel.
  • The title of this program is Gujarat Two Wheeler Scheme.
  • The state government will offer an incentive for purchasing electric scooters to help encourage the use of this automobile across the state.
  • Through this scheme, the pollution of air in the air is reduced.
  • The principal goal behind initiating this program is to motivate individuals to purchase electric vehicles, so that the environment remains safe.
  • Electric vehicles will be available at reduced rates to industrial and construction workers of the state.
  • The Go Green scheme will assist in reducing fuel costs and preserving the environment by reducing vehicular pollution.
  • This will affect the health of children and people in the state.
  • The 30% of the subsidy will be given to workers in the sector who are organized as well as unorganized.
  • The purpose of this program is to get consumers to purchase electric vehicles.
  • The government plans to launch this scheme in several phases.

Under the initial phase of this scheme, approximately 1 000 construction employees and 2500 employees from the organized sector will receive batteries-powered vehicles.

Eligibility Criteria of Gujarat Two Wheeler Scheme


The eligibility requirements of Gujarat Two Wheeler Yojana 2023 are These are the eligibility criteria for this scheme:

  • The applicant must reside permanently in Gujarat.
  • The person who is applying for the job must be a worker from an either the unorganized or organized sector.
  • The applicant should be an industrial worker.

Application procedure of how to make an application Gujarat Two Wheeler Scheme 2023

Anyone who is interested and are interested in applying under this scheme must follow the steps given below In order to apply, you must follow the following steps:

  • Visit the official site to Go Green to apply under the scheme.
  • The homepage will show before you.
  • Click on the home page and click here for Application Formula
  • A form for submitting your application should be displayed before you.
  • Complete all the required information in the form.
  • Attach your important documents once you have filled out the form.
  • Now Click on Submit Option
  • By doing this, you are able to quickly apply for the form.
Gujarat Two Wheeler Yojana 2023
Home pageClick Here
Gujarat Two Wheeler Yojana 2023

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