Gujarati sahitykar calender useful for all

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Gujarati sahitykar calender useful for all.


Isme aap Gujarati sahitykar oke calendr milega.pure sal me kon kon se sahitykar ke birth date aata he iski puri jankari bachho Ko dene ke liye is file Ko download kar sakte he.
  Yha par ek PDF file Rakhi he AAP us file Ko download karke varg mein yah classroom mein bulletin board per Laga sakte hain taki bacche aur din is calender ko dekhte usko pata chal jaaye ki aaj kaun se Kavi ka aaj birthday hai uske bare mein pata chale aur use sahityakar ke bare mein padh sake.

Special thanks to laljibhai panchal

          Benihood was trembling because of * anxiety *. Serve the son or comfort my husband! Deborah, unable to handle the situation, stood still

        * A * night passed by very hard. Banihood did not suffer. Deborah spoke calmly in the morning,

         ‘Dear! Why do you think in vain? In such a severe fever no one’s intelligence is in their control. Benzion himself did not know that he was speaking in Arabic. In an awakened state, he speaks only in Hebrew. ‘

       ‘That’s why I’m worried! The son speaks the Hebrew language in the waking state and in the Arabic language in dreams … what does it mean …? He speaks the Hebrew language, using wisdom, trying. He does not love this language and hates it in the awakened and dreamy state which is why other languages ​​come out of his mouth. Woe! During these years I made the mistake of giving him the opportunity to meet all the people. Bad friends have ruined their minds. We will be back to Jerusalem soon. I would raise Benzion again in an environment where he only listens to the Hebrew language. ‘

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          At * A * time, Deborah remained silent. Chat Lounge

Within three days, Benzion slowly recovered. Ma’s mouth-he heard ‘we have to come back soon’ said with astonishment,

        But mother! First, our plan was to stay here for two months. Not even a month has passed … here we are delighted. Why go back now …?

         ‘That’s right, son! But this is your father’s decision … ‘

        ‘I know that is their decision. They always deal with the same owner. He decides what he likes, and imposes on others … ‘Benzion knew that the mother could never resist the father’s decision. Then there is no counting of their opposition.

Returning * The day of the tour is over too. Baggage ties have begun. Before leaving, Benzio asked the believers,

       ‘The decision to leave is a must. Will it be the last time I see my friends today? ‘

       ‘No matter the son! But it wasn’t too late. Do you know that your father does not like to talk to friends in Arabic ‘

        From the moment he said ‘* even *’, Benzion’s mind came to the idea that he was somehow trying to oppose Papa’s supremacy. On the seashore, Abuhamis were delighted to see him. Lolic was there too. Both of them were very concerned about the health of benzione.

         ‘Friend! I will organize a program. Next Tuesday we will be going to the beach. ‘ Abuhamis spoke.

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         ‘But I won’t come’ – Benzione said sadly.

        ‘Why? Scared of the sea? ‘

        ‘No, we will go back to Jerusalem.’

        “Why … before you said we would stay here for two months …” he inquired curiously.

         ‘True, it was decided before, but now Dad has decided to return tomorrow.’

         ‘Why such a decision?’

         “God knows. I do not know what kind of decision they make. We have to accept their decision without saying anything, just. ‘ Benzion expressed pain of mind.

       One of the kids who heard * her * spoke,

       ‘My father says your father is very strange. He does what he likes to do .. ‘

        ‘Not only that, but also rebellious …’ said another child. The children were saying the same thing they thought about the father in Benzion’s mind.

       “Yesterday my parents were telling me that your father destroyed your mother like a monster that was born in a wealthy family, a happy growing up …” said another child.

        ‘This too is the whole truth.’ Benzione thought.

        Another kid said,

       “My father used to say that he wasted his life trying to achieve something impossible, even destroying the lives of others. Self-destructing and destroying others … ‘

        “Woe to you! What can be done? … So you can go today? ‘

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Saying that, Abuhamees finished that. After he stayed there for half an hour, he left the two of them and walked in the direction of his house, then more than ten children followed. Since their home was also in town, they also started to walk with it.

         * On the way * again the talk started. One of the babies spoke to Benzion,

         ‘People in my house were saying that you have to fast twice or three times a week at your house. Is this true …? ‘ How can a child accept this fact even if it is true?

         ‘Your mother’s health keeps getting worse. People in my family used to say mutually that this is the reason for your father’s bad behavior. ‘

       ‘Hi! It’s so bad that … ‘someone asked in surprise.

        ‘Hey what? He continued to chant Hebrew
Gujarati sahitykar calender useful for all.


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