How Do You Transfer Files From Phone To Computer (5 Important Ways)

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How do you transfer files from phone to computer is a problem some people really want to solve. The way people around me eager to learn it make me discover that almost everybody around the world wants to know.
Seriously, minimum of 10 people ask me the question (how do you transfer files from phone to computer) monthly. This is the main reason behind this article.
Do you have a confidential document you don’t want to lose on your Android or Smartphone? Do you have important media files like music, photo, and video you want to keep on your computer for a long term?
I want you to bear it in mind that transferring files from phone to computer and vice versa is very easy. We have several techniques to accomplish this task. Just make sure you read this article from the beginning to the end.
How Do You Transfer Files From Phone To Computer (Methods)
We have several methods or techniques to transfer files from phone to computer. We are to use some tools to accomplish it. Let’s state tools and techniques to send your file(s) to your PC from your phone.
We want to cover this topic: “how do you transfer files from phone to computer” with the below methods:
Transferring files through USB cable
Sending files using Bluetooth connectivity
File transferring through Cloud Storage
Transfer files through email
Transfer files through ES File Explorer.
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Transfer Files Using a USB Cable
how do you transfer from phone to computer
How do you transfer files from phone to computer using a USB cable is what we want to explain here. The USB cable gives room for transferring files from phone to computer.
All you need to do is to connect the devices together. However, connecting your phone to PC through the help of cable may not permit total slippery of an app over WiFi.
Requirements or Recommendations
For you to transfer files from Android to a computer, you are to provide below tools:
1. Android Smartphone
2. Working computer or PC
3. Original USB cable.
Steps to Transfer Files Through USB Cable
1st Step
Attach your USB cable to the PC. Then connect the cable to the target phone s sown above.
2nd Step
Go to phone settings and click on ‘more’, then Select ‘Tethering & portable hotspot’ option. how do you transfer from phone to computer
3rd Step
Activate USB tethering by ticking it. Here you will see a notification on your PC reads “…windows installing a driver”.
4th Step
Now go to ‘My Computer’. Here you’ll see your device labeled with the model name on your screen. Mine is ‘Infinix HOT 4’. how do you transfer from phone to computer
5th Step
Open your device and locate the files you want to transfer. Select the files, then right-click on it to select ‘copy’ option. how do you transfer from phone to computer
6th Step
Now, go to the destination in which you want to transfer your file(s) to on your PC, and paste it. That’s all. how do you transfer from phone to computer
Alternatively, you can use USB On-The-Go (OTG).  On-The-Go cable will allow you to attach your device to other USB devices like external hard drive, flash drives, keyboard, and mouse. how do you transfer from phone to computer otg
You can use the OTG to transfer your files to an external HDD, flash drive, and so on. For you to get a cheap and reliable OTG cable, you can order for one from Amazon, eBay, and so on.
Transfer Files Through Bluetooth Pairing
Another way to transfer files between PC and phone is through Bluetooth pairing. If your computer has a Bluetooth module, you can easily pair your Android device with your PC through Bluetooth and send your files conveniently.
Note: The rate at which Bluetooth send files is very slow. However, it is advisable to transfer only small files via Bluetooth pairing to avoid time wasting.
You are required to make these tools available before you could  proceed:
1. Mobile phone with well-functioning Bluetooth.
2. Computer; desktop or laptop that has Bluetooth module.
Steps To Send File Using Bluetooth Pairing
How do you transfer files from phone to computer using Bluetooth device? Let’s see the method that supersede other. Below are the steps involve:
1st Step
Enable Bluetooth on your devices; both PC and phone
2nd Step
Check whether your computer detects any nearby device(s) automatically or not. If there’s no auto connection, check the “add a Bluetooth device” from “Control Panel” on your PC and do necessary thing.
3rd Step
Click on ‘Bluetooth’ and pair your devices with each other by selecting ‘Add a Device’. Now confirm the tasks if you are asked to do so. how do you transfer from phone to computer
4th Step
Compare pairing codes between your computer and mobile device. Make sure your code match each other.
Your device should now appear under the list of connected drives when you check your menu. how do you transfer from phone to computer
5th Step
Send your files from your mobile device by selecting them and click on send. Make sure your phone detect your PC before sending. how do you transfer from phone to computer
6th Step
Find ‘Receive a file’ option through your PC Bluetooth icon in the System Tray, right-click and select ‘Receive a file’, and click ‘Next’ to accomplish the task. How do you transfer files from phone to computer
Send Files From Phone To PC Using AirDroid.
AirDroid app is one of the most popular apps today. Its basic purpose is to transfer files from Android devices to Computer. The app offers two services; free and paid services. With free, you can get basic pieces of stuff only, while you’ll enjoy paid services fully.
AirDroid is a great desktop console for transferring data between an Android and a PC. You can sign up with your details or use social media accounts (Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc) to register. Though, the app is It’s not perfect but works well.
Features of AirDroid
AirDroid has the following features:
1. AirDroid sends and receives SMS/MMS from your PC
2. With AirDroid, you can check your device notifications.
3. AirDroid will find your lost phone for you.
4. It controls the camera and use apps.
5. It also transfers files from your phone to your PC. You get the basic stuff for free.
6. AirDroid also features various notifications and tethering management tools
7. It sends files easily and quickly to a Windows computer on the same WiFi network.
Steps involve in Sending Files through AirDroid
1st Step
Click here to download the app here.
2nd Step
Go to the AirDrop official site by clicking here
3rd Step
Download the desktop client from the above link in step 2.
Note: You are ineligible to transfer files to your PC from your phone via the web app.
4th Step
You’ll be prompted to log or sign in, otherwise, choose one of the icons to prompt for your details by choosing the same credentials you used on the mobile app.
5th Step
Now head to your phone. Browse to the file sharing on it.
6th Step
Select it and use the sharing menu to find AirDroid. Now, select the file you want to transfer and send it.
AirDroid price:
1. Free version with $0.00
2. Paid version with $1.99 per month, $19.99 per one year or $38.99 per 2 years
Download links:
1. Download Mobile app here
2. Desktop link is here
Transfer File Using Cloud Storage
Cloud storage is another technique and tool to transfer files from Android to PC and vice versa. Do you aware of this or ever tried it once? Cloud storage makes file transfer between PC and phone easier. Cloud storage tools include Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and so on.
All of the above cloud storage services render almost the same services. You can choose any storage of your choice for the task. Let’s take Google Drive as an example. Transferring files from one device to another is easier.
1. Android Phone
2. Computer (Desktop, Laptop etc).
3. Good internet connection.
4. The browser of your choice on the PC
How To Use Cloud Storage To Send Files (Steps)
1st Step
Download any of the cloud storage tools of your choice on your phone. Though, Google Drive use to come with Android phones. Just locate it on your phone as shown below. If you can’t find it on your phone, download the drive here.
2nd Step
Upload your file to the cloud storage from your phone. Check the below photo for better understanding.
3rd Step
Now turn on your computer (Desktop, Laptop etc).
4th Step
Connect your internet to the PC.
5th Step
Sign in your Google email through from any browser of your choice.
6th Step
Go to through the same browser. Then click on ‘Go to Google Drive’.
7th Step
Locate the file you uploaded to the drive through phone, click on it and select ‘Download’.
Sending Files Through Email
The simplest method that involves non-disk file transfer between two or more devices is Email. It will remain a useful option in some cases. The only thing you need here is to attach the file(s) you want to view on your PC to an email from your phone and send it to yourself.
Any of your personal email addresses of yours can do it. Just go to your PC and sign in your Gmail ( account. You’ll see the receive messages. Download your file to your PC, so that you’ll be able to open the file from it.
Transfer Data From Phone To Computer Using ES File Manager
Another simple way you can transfer files from phone to computer is by using ES File Explorer app on your phone. If you’re using this great app and have your Windows library folders shared on your local network then you are good to go.
With the app, you should be able to easily copy any data of your choice from an Android device to Windows computer within this file manager.
Steps Involve
1st Step
Download ES File Explorer if it does not exist on your phone. Then, install the app and launch it.
2nd Step
Open the application and tap the menu (3 horizontal lines) from the top left corner and expand the Network. Now select LAN from the submenu options.
3rd Step
Click on the ‘Scan’ to scan for the available WiFi. A few moments later, your Windows computer should be displayed on your network with its real IP address.
4th Step
Tap on it to explore the phone folders, and use the contextual menu in ES File Explorer to paste the file into your preferred directory.
The above article is an answer to the question ” how do you transfer files from phone to computer “. It also covered this question ” how do I transfer an app from my phone to laptop”. We mentioned some apps and non-app ways to accomplish this task. Hopefully, you can now transfer files from phone to computer? Please let’s others learn from this article by sharing it.
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