How is a social media account hacked? Learn tech tips to avoid it

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How is a social media account hacked?  Learn tech tips to avoid it

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How to avoid social media hacking ?: How is a social media account hacked?  Learn tech tips to avoid it

How is a social media account hacked?  Learn tech tips to avoid it
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Bollywood actress Urmila Matondkar tweeted that her Instagram account had been hacked.  He tweeted, ‘My Instagram account has been hacked.  They message first, then follow some steps to verify the account.  Then it gets hacked. ‘Urmila lodged her complaint in the Mumbai Cyber ​​Cell.  A day later, on December 17, at 3 pm, the actress tweeted that her account had been recovered.

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Cases of social media hacking have increased worldwide, according to a Statista survey.  The social media accounts of 22% of internet users have been hacked.  14% of users have had their account hacked more than once.  Avinash Jain, a cyber security expert living in Bengaluru, said that the way to hack every social media account is the same as that of hackers.  It provides hackers with two ways to hack.
This is not the first time a social media account of a celebrity, businessman or political leader has been hacked.  Earlier, the Twitter account of PM Narendra Modi’s personal website was hacked in September and the Twitter accounts of people like Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Bill Gates and Alan Musk were hacked in July.  Even before, there were Twitter accounts of famous people.

Hackers benefit from these two mistakes

1. First Technical Flaws

According to experts, you have social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  Users use all these digital platforms to stay connected with people in a social and professional way.  These two errors can cause hackers to hack the account.  First, if the social media application has any kind of loophole, take advantage of this same technical flow.  However, social media companies have a good technical professional team, but hackers still find technical loopholes.

2. Second – Phishing Trap

According to experts, another mistake that hackers take advantage of.  There are many ways hackers can hack people’s IDs.  It is understood that hackers share phishing links from you by calling or texting.  As soon as you click on this link, you will be taken to a site that looks like Facebook, Twitter.  It will ask you to login.  Hackers can easily hack the account ID and password if you log in as a victim.  Often hackers can also ask for OTP in the name of changing the privacy setting.

Find out if Facebook and Twitter accounts have been hacked

Follow these three steps to find out if your Facebook and Twitter account has been hacked.  With its help you can know the complete details of the device login and the entire history of the account.

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ગુજરાતી માં વાંચવા માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

How can hacking be prevented?

Experts advise most users to be vigilant to avoid hacking on social media.  Avoid sharing your social media account details with anyone, he says.  If a call comes to your mobile from an unknown number and it asks you for an OTP, do not give it.  Beware of phishing links.  Click on the same link that is authentic.  Companies should also have regular testing and auditing of its application and infrastructure testing by IT professionals.  It should also be reviewed by third party IT companies.

Is there any kind of privacy law in India?

According to experts, there is currently no law on data protection in India.  The Personal Data Protection Bill (PDP) was introduced in Parliament by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology on 11 December 2019.  Which is still pending.  However, the NCPI has issued guidelines on privacy.  Under this the country’s data must remain in the country, it is not allowed to take it out.  Also, Europe has enacted a strict law on data protection called GDPR.

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