How To Setup Face Lock On WhatsApp?

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Setup Face Lock On WhatsApp

Setup Face Lock On WhatsApp

Secure WhatsApp Through Face Unlock 

Hello friends, If something is private in our Smartphone, then we use different types of Mobile Security feature and App to prevent WhatsApp Messages and to protect them from someone else. for example…

Password, Fingerprint + password etc. With the help of such methods, we keep our WhatsApp Message, Videos, Photos Secure. So here we will get information about another Whatsapp Face Lock feature or “WhatsApp Face Lock / Unlock”.

So if you do not know that WhatsApp Par Face Lock? So here the tips are for you and you can keep your WhatsApp account safe in the way described here. But before that little know that

Face Lock / Unlock What’s New?

Face lock / Unlock is the trending security feature of Smartphones at this time. Well, this is not a new security system, but from now on the iPhone X, the fingerprint has been removed using Face Unlock, it has become very popular.

Now the time has come that Users fingerprint has become bore to lock / unlock and now the user needs the New Smartphone Security feature. In this, face lock system is the most trending feature.

In Face lock system, we can lock and unlock the phone from our face. Many smartphones have a Face Lock system but it is not fast and reliable. If the iPhone and Samsung were released, no Smartphone had the Best Face lock system yet.

Right now, Oppo Mobile Company has launched a new Smartphone, Oppo Find X Phone,

In this we get face lock like the iPhone X and when we set up Facelock in this phone.

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How To Setup Face Lock On WhatsApp?

Whatever the new phones, the face lock system is given, but we can use it to lock only the phone and no one can lock the app. In this case, we have to use a third-party app, but there is a problem in it.

We can not use all the Third-Party Face Lock App. Because most of these apps do not work properly or do not unlock quickly. I tried many apps in the WhatsAppFace Lock App category, after that I got a Best Face Lock App,

The name of this app is AppLock face Recognition and it is present on the Google Play Store. By using this App we can enable WhatApp Face Lock in any Smartphone.

So far, the face lock / unlock app we have seen so far is very slow and it happens so often that it does not even address Unlock by Face. But the AppLock Face Recognition App is not so. It has a lot of Advance Technology.

Which will unlock the phone only when you see your face, it unlocks the phone in less than 5 seconds. This lets you guess how fast this app is. To use this app as a WhatsApp Face Lock, you will have to follow some of these basic tips.

Step to Setup WhatsApp Face Unlock:

Face Lock App is available on Play Store and we need to download & install it in our phone and after that we can setup it.

Before using this app we need to change some basic settings and create face lock in it. For this, we have to first open the App and have to provide Terms & Conditions.

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In the next step, we have to choose how we want to use this app. So here we have to select Unlock My App Option.

Now we will get a few guidelines button to use App, from where you can get information about the function of WhatsApp Face Lock. Here we have to click on the Skip option.

Now we have to create our lock security on it, it will have to recognize your face with some words to speak so that the system can understand your face’s activity right.

After setting up WhatsApp Face Lock, it is necessary to set up a Recovery password, if for some reason our Face Unlock does not work, then we can access its WhatsApp with the help of this. We have 3 options to set up the recovery password.

  • Pattern
  • PIN
  • Password

After the Recovery Lock setup we need to do another activity so that WhatsApp Face Lock Successful Setup can happen. We have to click on the button and go to the Android Setting.

After going to Setting we have to give access to the WhatsApp Face Lock application so that it can manage the security of our phone and lock system can work properly.

As soon as we enable this feature, our Phone Face lock feature is enabled and we can add Lock to Phone on the App anyway, not just WhatsApp.

Friends, WhatsApp face lock system can be a better security feature for our WhatsApp message, video, photo. This feature does not allow us to see the phone inbuilt, so we need to download a Face Lock Third-Party App, but it can be in Future, all of us in this feature in Phone. Because of this app, your phone may also be Slow but you will have lots of fun using this app. If you have any suggestions about this app then you must tell in the comment.

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