MILESTONE: Why are the colors of the milestones seen on the road different? Learn what each color gives a hint.

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MILESTONE: Why are the colors of the milestones seen on the road different?  Learn what each color gives a hint

If you see a milestone while driving, the top of which is yellow, then you understand that you are on the National Highway.

This free XProtect gives you secure access to your Milestone video surveillance system anytime, anywhere from your smartphone or tablet. Available in 31 languages the application lets you conveniently view live video, play back and export recorded video, listen to audio and speak through the camera-connected speakers using the Push-To-Talk button. 

If you see an orange striped milestone on the side of the road, you know that you are on a village or village road.

Compatible with XProtect Corporate, XProtect Expert, XProtect Professional+, XProtect Express+, XProtect Essential+, and the Milestone Husky NVR series. (For use with XProtect Express and Professional, please download the “XProtect® Mobile Express & Pro” app) Additional product highlights: 

If you see a milestone on the side of the road while driving, the upper part of which is green, then you should understand that you are not on the national but on the state highway i.e. state highway.

• Document any event while it happens by streaming video and audio from your mobile device’s camera directly into the Milestone solution • Get peace of mind and stay constantly on top of things by receiving push notifications based on alarms defined in the Milestone solution Try it out Download the app and take a look yourself. 

If you see black, and white striped milestones on the side of the road while driving, understand that you have come to a big city and district.

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XProtect Mobile includes access to a demo server so you can explore the product even if you do not have a Milestone system installed already.  

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Getting started In order to connect and view cameras from your Milestone system, you should have the latest version of the Milestone surveillance system and the XProtect Mobile server installed. For further details on getting started. Milestone distributes and sells its market-leading XProtect® VMS and the Milestone Husky NVR Series through an authorized partner channel of distributors and resellers in more than 115 countries around the world.

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