PM Modi : The historical Sengol  Placed In New Parliament Building 28 may 2023

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PM Modi : The historical Sengol : Sengol : which was historical “Rajdandan” received by our first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru which one symbolising the transfer of power from the British Hakumat to India in 14 august 1947 at midnight, Sengol is set to be installe in the new Parliament building by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 28 may 2023. PM modi installe the historical sengol in new parliament building.

PM Modi  : The historical Sengol

The inauguration of the new parliament building :

PM Modi : The historical Sengol :The new parliament building inauguration by our prime minister (PM Modi) this Sunday. Prime Minister Narendra Modi install a historic golden sculpture near the Speaker’s seat. our Union Home Minister Amit Shah said today. This sculpture Sengol , Mr Shah said, that was handed over to the country’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru to symbol of the transfer of power from British hakumat to Indians. our Home Minister said this sceptre is called “sengol” – which word is derives from the Tamil word “semmai”, that’s meaning “righteousness”.

The History of Sengol : PM Modi : The historical Sengol

The sengol came into being after a chain of events that started with a simple question by Lord Mountbatten, the last Viceroy of British India, to Prime Minister Nehru. According to history and news reports, Mountbatten had asked the soon-to-be-PM what would mark the transfer of power when India attains Independence.

Jwaharlal Nehru got the Sengol from Tamil Nadu and accepted it from the British govterment , symbolising the transfer of power in a traditional way, Amit Shah also said that It was kept at a museum in Allahabad, and it will be moved to the new Parliament building, and installed near the Sabhapati’s seat.

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Who makes the Sengol

Faced with the daunting task of arranging the sculpture that will mark India’s Independence, Rajaji contacted Thiruvaduthurai Atheenam, a prominent mutt in present-day Tamil Nadu. The then seer of the mutt accepted the responsibility. The sengol was made by Vummidi Bangaru Chetty, a jeweller in then Madras chenaai. It is five feet in length and the statue of nandi means bull has on the top of sengol , which one is symbolising justice.

When it Handover

According to news reports, a senior priest of the mutt first handed over the sceptre to Mountbatten and then took it back. It was then sprinkled with gangajal, taken in a procession to Prime Minister Nehru and handed over to him, reportedly 15 minutes before midnight, when India attained Independence. A special song was composed and rendered as Prime Minister Nehru received the sceptre.

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