TAT PML 2 Bharti merit list Letest news at https://www.gserc.in/

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TAT PML 2 Bharti merit list Letest news at https://www.gserc.in/

Under the guidance of Gujarat Government Education Department, Secretariat Gandhinagar, regarding the provisions of the relevant permanent residences / public names under the Government, Gujarat State Educational Staff Bhati Smriti, the wide interest of students in government and non-government (subsidized) secondary and higher secondary schools of the state.  

With this in mind, recruitment of approximately 00 education assistants has been carried out during the year 2013-2014.

Under the recruitment of Education Assistants in the education sector in the state, GIPL, Gandhinagar has developed a software that can be used by candidates aspiring to easily pursue their careers in the education sector in all the districts at their convenience and easily.  

TAT PML 2 Bharti merit list Letest news at https://www.gserc.in/

In order to make the entire process transparent and judicial, a Document Verification Center has been set up at every district headquarters across the state to check the details given by the candidates in the online applications.  

Thus, at a total of 6 district level Document Verification Centers, the first provisional coefficient at list will be checked by the candidates included in the list as per their convenience at all the selected centers.  

For the success of the entire recruitment process, this document verification is very important and basic.

In order to ensure that this process can be done in a transparent and harmonious manner in all the districts, this guide has been issued by the Gujarat State Educational Staff.  Has been prepared.

PML-2 મેરીટ લીસ્ટ PDF 



Bharti Vacancies for gserc.in Sarkari Secondary Schools

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General Instructions for Document Verification Center 

1. For the document verification of the candidates included in Provisional Merit-1, during the dates suggested here (for day-2), the document verification ront 2 has to be implemented at the district level.  

statement will be taken into consideration in this regard.

2. All the districts will be given online log in I-D regarding the said procedure, in which the details of the candidates coming for the purpose of document verification will be sent to your center.  

3. Considering the number of these applications, arrangements have to be made to provide adequate Hajj to the trained nodal blind / employees and to have adequate number of commuters available from the office of Document Verification Center.  

4. For this operation the commission will have to order from the district level to keep the recruitment nodal blind / staff trained by the office of the schools present and the district education officer will have to evaluate and coordinate the Ramgra operation from time to time and visit the document verification center one or more times. 

Age Limits for Recruitment Process (For Government Schools Only) 

  • The upper age limit for teaching assistants in secondary schools is fixed at 19 years and the upper age limit for teaching assistants in higher secondary schools is fixed at n years.  
  • In the case of candidates belonging to Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Caste, Socio-Educationally Backward, Economically Weaker Category who are originally from Gujarat, concession of 05 (five) years will be given in the upper age limit as per the rules.  
  • Circumstance No.: Perch / 102004/20 / G-2 prescribed 5th Subject to Medical / Certificate of Superintendent / Civil Surgeon, he / she will get 10 (ten) years exemption in the upper age limit. Dt. Of General Administration Department.  9/08/18 and Dt.  
  • As per the provision of the resolution dated 01/12/2009, for women reserved category, S.C.  / St.  / O, b, c.  / E.W.S.  / Ph.  In addition to the category exemption, another five-year exemption will be available for a maximum of 3 years. 
  • Ex-serviceman candidates who have served at least 06 (six) months in Water, Air and Land Armored Forces and have a certificate of competent blindness as an ex-serviceman are eligible for the above age.  
  • In addition to the duration of duty performed, there will be a waiver of up to 03 (three) years.

Verification operation as per checklist along with application form of documentaries – 

Details of manual verification before receiving the application form at the document verification center.  
  1. It is imperative to check the required marks / certificates attached with the application form along with the original certificates of self-attested Xerox copy, to see the original certificates.  
  2. A self attested Xerox copy of all the marks / certificates of the candidate.  
  3. According to the 5th form of AJDA, in the check-lit hard copy, you have to go to the DEO login and get it, in which you have to check and show the name and designation of the check, the root of the checklirt is given below.  
  4. Accepting the application along with the self-attested Xerox of total application form of marks / certificates in the work of checklite.  
  5. The candidate will have to check whether all the marks / certificates / other grounds submitted along with the submitted online application are compatible with the online application.  
  6. If there is any discrepancy between the details given by the df candidate in the online application and the grounds presented during this verification, it should be displayed accurately in the Rima column of the journalist as well as in the RIMA column by going to the DEO login.  
  7. In case of discrepancy, after noting the application in Remarg, the online application from the applicant and all the ancillary grounds submitted by the applicant in spite of the discrepancy must be accepted unconditionally.  
  8. After filing the application of the candidate, D.E.O.  Once the access has been generated from the login, the candidate has to sign it and submit it to the candidates.   
  9. No candidate’s application can be rejected from your level.  
  10. The decision of the Recruitment Memorandum to cancel the application of the applicant shall be final.

Acknowledgment application forms deposited in the Hardcopy of Highetic Aphemicals. 

All oceans o do dieso d Each candidate for logging in logging will have to be a print of the checkery. 

Showing the necessary and any of the 2% of the curvature showing the necessary changes in checking. 

There will be incurred and this check literature will have to keep up with the applicable application. 

Acceptable to the name of the district of the impact of every application form accepted. (Tap of the castle) and the merger number 2 and the merchant number and the main letter wrote, keeping the application form first in the suggested order in the suggested with the application, the certificates in the index. 

9.2 Category to apply a dialer will be separated from 2 application form. Is there. 

Category 2 Trial Vag-2 Ol and Trial Application Form System Display E. The 2 ornament 2/2 

will be different from the eligibility of the candidates of the Quality of Chuot Ot Chiri. F. Configure the form of climbing the form of the trial, the stuff of the list above the listing in the fifty-sporting group. 

Certificate of the trial with candidates, forming a list of the listing in the fifth-fifty group by arranging the climbing work in March Number. 

Each group will be given a different angle and one of the people of the center of the group of the group, and one of the cases of the center will be given to the one of the stairs,

Rate tax will be done by date, time and place on the date of the form of the form of the commissioner schools. 

Work as per the given or notice of the same. This program is a native વ, it is likely to be Fay 2 Faya 2. 

So seek and disable the instructions given by the Issue of the website, the documentary center, and e-mails, every day and e-mails at least two wamas (morning-dangerous). 

And the instructions of the given instructions are the execution of 2 or volume, the qualification, or the matter of the controversy, if you need to consult the phone, the need for the person to consult the phone, then guide the following outlined email. 

Do not reject any application from your level. 

Just showcase its discrepancy in its discrepancy, as well as your online log in the way of the ones, in the way of rejection of any application, only the only and only the state-class recruitment will be given to the page.

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