The data pack of this telecom company can be expensive, you may have to pay Rs.100 for 1GB.

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Thus, the cheapest data plan in the world is available in India. But not long ago, many telecom companies made huge increases in the charging of their datapacks. Yet data plans are more expensive in India than in any other country. But in the coming days, the cost of the data plan may go up again. Which can be started by telecom company Airtel.

The data pack of this telecom company can be expensive, you may have to pay Rs.100 for 1GB.


This is bad news for Airtel subscribers. This is because Sunil Mittal, the chairman of Indian Airtel, made a statement to increase the cost of the data plan. They are signaling an increase in the price of mobile internet. According to the statement, Airtel may raise prices in its data plan again in the next six months. “It is not practical for telecom companies to provide low cost internet for a long time,” Sunil Mittal said at an event. At present you have to pay Rs.150 per month to use 16GB of internet data. The customer pays Rs 45 per month for 1GB of data. Mittal added that customers will soon have to pay double for 1GB of data. That is, Rs.100 has to be paid. Currently there are such possibilities. Consumers use 1.6GB of internet data for that amount of money or be prepared for the rising cost in the coming days.


“We don’t want consumers to have to spend 50 50 to ટ 60 on the Internet,” he said, citing the United States and Europe as examples. But the કિંમત 2 cost to use 16GB of data a month is not practical for the telecom industry. In India, customers pay Rs 6.75 for 1GB of data. Costs. In second place is Israel. Where customers get Rs 8.24 for 1GB. Pays. In third place is Kyrgyzstan at Rs 15.74, followed by Italy at Rs 32.22. Have to pay. Ukraine comes in fifth with Rs 34.47 for 1GB. Pays.

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How much does 1GB cost in a year?

Year 268.97 Rs.

Year 2015 226.30 Rs.

Year 2016 75.57 Rs.

Year 2017 19.35 Rs.

Year 2018 11.78 Rs.

Year 2020 6.20 Rs.

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This is the most expensive data plan available in five countries

2053 of Malvi 1GB for Rs.

Babin 1GB of 2039 Rs.

Chad 1GB of 1748 Rs.

1197 of Yemen 1GB Rs.

1039 for 1GB of Botswana at Rs.

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