What is blog ?

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What is blog ?

What is blog ?
What is blog ?

What is blog ?  A quick concept on blogging

A Blog is a bundle of information or data published on world wide web through various programing languages or third party content management system like , Word press or blogger. But many pepole failed to  understands it’s meaning or its various impact on our day to day life .  Today’s we will learn about its basic and how to make money from blog , from various third party monetization platforms.

More details on blog

Blog is basically online dairy that is located on website or world wide web which includes text, audio, video, and gif’s  that can be authorised to used publically or personal use by blog owners . It also helps the owners or community to share his idea or information through single link to the vast majority in quick time. 
When blog is published on world wide web or website it can be indexed by popular search engine such as google and bing that give more convinent way to reach their audince through specific  link or keywords that index.Blog can be divided into post , pages and category that is more easy to access. 
Many blog owner setup their blog for bloggers for sharing information , storage or live streaming such as Blogger , Tumbler and word press while blogger and word press is the majority users all though blogger is google platform founded in 20003 and word press is publicly owned cms that has been established in 2008 . In our next post we will learn how to crate blog on blogger or word press for proffesinol or personal use.

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Origin of blog ?

Initially blog are used by the scientist , military or academic profiles to interact with their co worker
but pepoles are used to share their data before it comes to their existence on world wide web . It is also used by community to share their skills and knowledge at lowest efforts.
The earlier blog is emerged in 1994-1995 by in which pepole are used to share their presonal information or knowledge Claudio Pinhanez, are the oldest blog writers in the blogging industry .
But , the exact date emerging of word blog is undefined it is defined as weblog in early 1999 century but later on it is called as blog by professinols or which describes the web diary or log file of any data or information that can be access by world wide web .

Difference in blog or websites 

First of all we will discuss what is websites typically websites are static in nature where all the post and pages are arranged properly but not updated daily and mainly websites are used for professinol use and never be categorised as blog .
While blog is also a table of data where post and pages are updated reguraly it is also called as part of websites because blog will treated as websites but websites cant be treated as blog .
Blog has wide storage of data stored in their cms while websites has limited or acccess used of data that can be static not dynamic in nature .

What is pages and post ?

Pages are static in nature and not been updated regurely it is merley used for partiular information of blog that helps user to understand the motive and importance of blog some of the most important pages are used regurely is about us , contact us , privacy poloicy and disclaimer . About us gives full details of blog owners while contact us gives acess to reach their owners of blog or writers . Privacy policy and Disclaimer are used to maintained the site standard and user aggrements that helps users to save thier right such as credential or more data that can be stored .

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Post are spread sheets of data that is dynamic in nature and updated reguraly and the main part of blog it is also a main part of contains that user interact with that . Post can be described by author name published date and updated in chronical orders.

Why pepole start blogging ?

Pepole start blogging mainly for sharing their contents or creation to their audinces and it is the most cost effective way to reach to any audince within short interval of time mainly some bloggers are paisoonaite about to share their information to the vast level while media partners and agency are used blog to increse their audince on ther websites that helps him to rank their website among top search rwsults that gives benifits to generate lead or to promote any products or services . Because google ranking rank that websites more fastly which have unique and well manner contents which is updated regurly . Which increase the revenue of website and blog by the interlinking of their blog posts.

How to make money by blog ?

Blogging is also a most favorable way to make money online , by updating their contents and getting more visitors it is easy to monetize your blog by the some of the best adds network such as google adsense , affiliate marketing and PBN networks . Their is such certain policy that have to maintain the blog to monetize with adsense network which is esay and most effective way to earn with their blog but for the vast audinces the proffessinol bloggers mainly used affiliate marketing as their main source of income which help us to run their online cms properly . PBN network are mainly used by seo agency that will boost any websites ranking by interlinking to their existing ranking blog post that helps wedsite owners to increase their revenue stream. Which is also called backlink which is most important part that play a role to improve the websites search rankings.

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Where to start ?

The most popular cms is used for blogging is blogger we just have to create the blogger account and select the default theme and starting the posting of dairy or journals on their interface , but next one is  wordpress.com and wordpress.org wordpress.com is also a free cms is used for blogging but their some part be paid but wordpress.org is a compressed cms file which is hosted on any hosting platofrom and start blogging , but blogger is mainly the best that allows and give full freedom to their uses and not need single panny from pocket as newbie.


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